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BIG ART for little minds 3nd Annual Production Gala

2010 went down in history!

BIG ART for little minds 2010 Woodstock

BIG ART for little minds 3rd Annual Production Gala was a total success. I want to thank each and every one of you who attended and helped celebrate the night. So much love and support went into the show making this year’s production a joint effort from many friends of ours in the community. BIG ART’s goal to bring communities and worlds together has already started to take shape. This year’s show was all about togetherness; peace, love and music. It is all about taking a small idea and making it bigger than you can imagine... The show was all about recapturing the ideas and expressions of an art and music festival – namely Woodstock.

Three days in the middle of August, the world stood still. Over half a million people gathered together on a cornfield in White Lake, NY not knowing that they would forever become a part of history. For the first time, different races and ideas joined together in harmony. Nothing could stop what seemed to be fate – not hunger, nor rain. The crowds came for Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and The Who; they discovered new acts such as Santana and Joe Cocker. Each individual is now and forever greeted enthusiastically with “You were at Woodstock?” as if it defined them as who they were more so then their names ever could. These are the sentiments I want to bring to BIG ART and this year’s production - to stand out, to make a difference and to bring together.

Joe Cocker sang so passionately at Woodstock “I get by with a little help my friends”. I’d like to thank all those BIG ART friends and family, new and old, who have helped us put together such an amazing show this year. Click here to view our 2010 corporate sponsors list… the show would not have been so successful without their generosity.

All these shows over the past 2 years have brought us closer to our goal of opening our first ever creative education centre. Until we reach our goal (which we will!) we are pleased to announce, and anxiously wait for, the start of our BIG ART for little minds’ workshops. These workshops will be a tiny snapshot of what our centres will become and will allow us to start making a difference in youths right away. Click here to view our workshop page for more information in the works. We have so many great artists already who can help aspiring little minds reach a potential they can only have dreamed of reaching. Look for these creative havens to open up in 2011.

Wanting to take BIG ART even further this year and really push us to even higher levels, I have assembled BIG ART for little minds’ first ever Board of Directors. It is truly an amazing collection of some of the greatest minds I know; I am excited to where our potential can take us.

Nicole DiNardo– thank you for doing an amazing job curetting our lobby
Jennifer Campione – for finding all our great, young volunteers
BA Social Media Team – for giving BIG ART a presence online. Click here to watch our first ever Flash Mob filmed in Dundas Square.
Desh Fernando – for filming everything and your artistic touch in every detail
Albert & Anthony – for writing and designing everything, you guys are the best!
Board Members – for lending me your ideas and opinions; we've only just begun
Artie Kornfeld – for signing the guitar you helped inspire over 40 years ago. Click here to view this baby’s details. Check out the site in 2011 for plans to auction the guitar at a leading auction house.
BA Artists – for offering your talents to make this year’s theme become real. Click here to read up on some of your favourite BA artists.
BA Production Team– for all your efforts to make this year run smoother than ever
Maurizio Bevilacqua – Our new Mayor, for graciously showing Vaughan’s support
My family – for all the love and support you give to me everyday
And everyone who was part of Woodstock ’69 – keep rockin’!

2011 will be a year where BIG ART finally takes a huge step forward and becomes part of our everyday lives and it all started with a small dream… This is the message, DREAM BIG!!  Please feel free to contact me or any of our BA artists to find out more on how you can get involved or feature some BA artists at your next event.  Thank you for your support! It is my hope that your passion for the arts is not a one day fling but that our night was the kick off for a year long love fest with arts.


Peace and love,

Nicole Eliopoulos
Founder & Creative Director of BIG ART for little minds

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